Lieser Won at Mstětice

Lieser Won at Mstětice

From 2nd place Ondrej Lieser attacked at Round 2 at KENOX CUP by CzechOne at Mstětice Golf Course. Almost all the time Filip Mrůzek was the toughest competitor, thanks to 5 birdies at first nine, but the finish of Lieser was hard to survive for Mrůzek, even though Lieser faced wrong putt at 18. Lieser gained 67.800 CZK cheque and could celebrate his birthday.

There were unpleasant weather conditions during the tournament, 1st round had to be finished on the 2nd day due to storms. Players started from "Friday positions" at 7,30 CEST on Saturday and after 1 hour rest they started to play the 2nd round. Today it was strong and cold wind what complicated their lives.

Winner Lieser started in very 1st flight and that was why he did not want to comment his game just after coming to the Clubhouse. Finally he learnt he won and commented: "The most demanding was today's morning finish of 1st round. Greens were a bit spoilt after heavy rain during the night. I started with 3-putt but later I made myself calm. I knew about famous Mrůzek's performance thanks to mobile leaderboard since 3rd hole but I stayed calm. Filip faced worse second nine and it was the moment when I attacked despite bogey on 18. It is not normal for me to start at 1st flight. I played good with driver today, but my putts should be much better."

Tournament was held at Mstětice Golf Courese, with prize-money fund CZK 400.000,- (Eur 14.800) with players from 7 countries and 1 lady. The best round faced British Sam Buss (66). Leader after round 1 David Mrazek did not finish his quest, he played 10 worse at round 2 and fell onto 8th place.


KENOX CUP by CzechOne:

  1. Lieser Ondřej 136
  2. Mrůzek Filip 138
  3. Pokorný Jakub 139

General partner



1. KOŘÍNEK6666
T2. LIESER. O6868
T2. WINKLER. F6868
4. TINTĚRA. L7171
T6. ZIEMER. M7373
T6. GRUBER. R7373
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Order of Merit

Czech PGA Tour 2018

1. KOŘÍNEK. A30 000
2. LIESER. O12 500
3. WINKLER. F12 500
4. TINTĚRA. L7 000
5. MUTHREICH. M7 000
6. GRUBER. R5 000
7. VELENSKÝ. V5 000
Tour 2018
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