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TEAM PRO MATCHPLAY: Velensky & Simek Won

TEAM PRO MATCHPLAY: Velensky & Simek Won

Monday July 25th faced the beginning of MatchPlay of Twins Tournament - with 9 holes of fourball and then foursome.

In the match for 3rd place Vantuch & Janošík were luckier. 1st place gained Velensky & Simek winning front nine after 8 holes and the back one even after 6 holes. Winners gave us the comment: "We started the Final round with a nervousity. This is not an usual type of tournament, but fortunately our competitors had some troubles which helped us. We did not play that good golf like yesterday but the other team did not make us to make mistakes. There were no "decisive moment", we kept our strategy. We will definitely register for the further tournament here at Ypsilonka, we look forward to it".

Tournament had the prize-money fund CZK 179.000,- (i. e. Eur 6.600,-). The next event of CzechOne will be Ypsilon Kenox Cup by CzechOne held at Aug 8. - 10. with prize-money CZK 400.000,-


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1. LIESER. O91 800
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7. KOŘÍNEK. A27 200
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