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Srixon will Support Players even in Skalica

Srixon will Support Players even in Skalica

We are delighted to announce that Srixon is the new official golf ball partner of Czech PGA TOUR for the 2015 season.


During the first 3 events all Golf Professionals received a dozen of Srixon Z-Star or Srixon Z-Star XV golf balls totally free of Charge.

There also were Srixon Golf caps free of charge available.


For all the remaining tournaments during the 2015 season all Golf professionals who decide to play the Srixon golf ball during the tournament will be welcome to receive there free of charge dozen of Srixon golf balls on each event. During all these events Srixon Caps will be also available free of charge to all players playing the Srixon golf ball.

The Srixon desk will be set up always on first day of the tournament.


For more info about the Srixon golf balls/products please visit

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1. PARKER. B686770205
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1. LIESER. O91 800
2. WALZ. M68 800
3. ROBINSON. L34 125
4. MRŮZEK. F30 625
5. TRAPPEL. M30 000
6. KOŘÍNEK. A27 200
7. DOBSON. H27 200
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