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RENOCAR Czech PGA Tour Austerlitz & Golf Magazine Trophy for Filip Mrůzek

RENOCAR Czech PGA Tour Austerlitz & Golf Magazine Trophy for Filip Mrůzek

Play-off had to decide RENOCAR Czech PGA Tour Austerlitz & Golf Magazine Trophy held at Slavkov GC. Two players scored -5, in play-off better performance showed Filip Mrůzek.


Excellent beginning had Czech Aleš Procházka - first four holes he made birdies and he was at the top of a leaderboard. He scored even on 7th, 9th and 15th holes, unfortunatelly he made also some (4) mistakes. Total score 139 meant leadership until Filip Mrůzek came to the last hole. He knew he had to attack, made excelent drive and then approached the flag brilliantly - for merely 1m putt. He did it and that's why two guys (Procházka and Mrůzek) had to play the play-off.

In play off (hole No.1, par 5) the better drive made Procházka - on a fairway, some 165m to the green. The second stroke finished on the edge of green bunker and the approach Procházka made was too short. Mrůzek hit the drive to rough, but his 2nd stroke finished on a green. With a long putt he created a good position for scoring and he did it. So it was decided quickly, on 1st hole.

Mrůzek commented: "I was satisfied today. The only trouble were my putts, the rest of my play was OK. After 15 holes I was in (today's) even par and from the mobile leaderboard I knew I loose 3. I tried to attack and it worked out - 3 birdies. On 16th I even attacked eagle, on 17th I made perhaps 15m putt - my stroke of a day! And there was an easy putt on 18th - one meter only. And the play-off? I was luckier than Aleš... I could rely on my woods today, sometimes I faced small troubles with irons, but with no big mistakes. I missed only 5 fairways during 2 days which is not bad in the wind we faced here. Directly from Austerlitz I leave to Haugschlag to play ProGolf Tour there."

Winner of Ypsilon CzechOne Marek Siakala was DQ for not coming to start of Day2.

RENOCAR Czech PGA Tour Austerlitz & Golf Magazine had prize-money fund CZK 400.000,- (i. e. Eur 14.800,-)

Another event held by CzechOne is VMV Hungarian Cup by CzechOne at Pannonia close to Budapest June 22nd-25th.

Foto: M. Kabát

From left: Petr Gál jr. T3, Aleš Procházka, Filip Mrůzek and Ján Friesz (SVK), T3


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1. LIESER. O6570135
T2. MRŮZEK. F6970139
T2. KOŘÍNEK6970139
4. HOLOUBEK. T6971140
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T5. SEDLÁČEK7271143
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