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PRO- AM at Kaskada Decided by Matchplay

PRO- AM at Kaskada Decided by Matchplay

Matchplay was seen at the Kaskada at the final of PRO- AM tournament today. All the flights came back to clubhouse and two of them reached the same netto number (55). Flight lead by Aleš Kořínek ( Cieslar Gustav, Cieslar Andrew, Martin Slabý) attained the same result as a flight lead by Marek Nový (Kára Stanislav and Pál Attila). The matchplay was played only by professionals - Kořínek and Nový at hole Nr. 1 of Wooden 9. Marek Nový drived at the fairway, but no as far as Aleš Kořínek. Aleš Kořínek reached the rough with his first strike, but his approach towards the hole was amazing, some 1m far from the flag which gave him the scoring opportunity. Marek putted from a distance, his putt licked the hole but it did not fall into it. Then it was Aleš's turn. He easily scored and with the applause of several dozen viewers walked back to the clubhouse for the winning ceremony.

All flights brought (on the course with par 72) range 61 - 69. Professionals would definitely like similar numbers for tomorrow.We wish them to get as close as possible to these numbers


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1. LIESER. O6570135
T2. KOŘÍNEK6970139
T2. MRŮZEK. F6970139
4. HOLOUBEK. T6971140
T5. TINTĚRA. L7172143
T5. SEDLÁČEK7271143
T7. Vantuch. M7371144
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