Presentation of Czech One Leaders

Presentation of Czech One Leaders

Within the electoral General Meeting held by PGAC the presentation of Czech One was shown. Czech One is a new promoter of Czech PGA Tour. The project was presented by Mr. Pavel Krenk, boss of Czech One. In his speech Mr. Krenk focused on the devolopment of the Tour in past as well as  on positive attributes which can be boosted today. He recalled the importance of the mutual relations between the Tour, the PGAC and of course the players. One without the other can not work, these components need each other. The form of Czech PGA Tour remains 80% the same as the players were accustomed. The new thing is, players can rely on the stabilityof conditions. The model calculates with 10 tournament annually, playing system will usually be 2 +1 days with the cut. Of course there is PRO- AM usually held. In addition, Mr. Krenk explained the philosophy of media involvement of Roman Šebrle in the  Czech PGA Tour project due to increase in interest of target groups. At the conclusion of his speech urged the players to participate in the Tour to the maximum extent possible. Tour is designed players , without them it is losing the meaning.

Another speech came from Mr. Vitezslav Hoffmann of Czech One. His task was to present the official web CZECH PGA TOUR, which is designed not only as a mere information page, but it will serve as a communication interface for all players. Players will find here how to register as well as regulations of tournaments, playing and financial statistics. For players will be available all other functionalities which are used to use at second and third European professional golf leagues.

Radovan Vratny


Pictures: Zdeněk Sluka

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1. KOŘÍNEK6666
T2. LIESER. O6868
T2. WINKLER. F6868
4. TINTĚRA. L7171
T6. ZIEMER. M7373
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Order of Merit

Czech PGA Tour 2018

1. KOŘÍNEK. A30 000
2. LIESER. O12 500
3. WINKLER. F12 500
4. TINTĚRA. L7 000
5. MUTHREICH. M7 000
6. GRUBER. R5 000
7. VELENSKÝ. V5 000
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