Ostravice - Day One

Ostravice - Day One

Beautiful weather and merely hundred spectators - there were good conditions for the best Czech pros starting in the fourth Czech PGA Tour tournament held in Ostravice golf course in northern Moravia. "Traps" of a difficult Course of the first day overcame the best Martin Příhoda which brought to the clubhouse minus two. Only three players have come at par and better, other ones were severely punished with the Course.

Martin Prihoda commented: "Everything was SUPER! I played well and sometimes I was lucky. The main thing is that I did not make mistakes and this is essential here. The course is well prepared, as always. I love it here and I always look forward to play here. And my plans for tomorrow? To play the same way, be patient, avoid mistakes. This could be a winning receipt"

Winner of the first tournament Czech PGA Tour at Kaskáda Lukáš Tintěra comments today simply: "Great course! I've never played there but I enjoyed the game". Lukáš also mentioned: "There are no good results without birdies. I always attack on par 5 holes. Today I was always with the second stroke next to (or at) the green, but in the end there were three bogeys. In my computing, this means the loss of six shots and that's really too much!"

Overall leader of the Tour, Dutch Sven Maurits was preparing at Ostravice last 3 days. But he was not satisfied with his playing at all. "I started at hole Nr. 10 - up to 17th hole nothing special - two bogeys. After that I scored at 18th as well as 1st holes - this meant Even Par. But unfortunatelly there came hole Nr. 5 (par 5, hcp 1) - with second stroke I was at green but there 4putt occured! Another bogey!"

The second day holds tomorrow (Monday), total Prize Money amount CZK 400.000 (i.e. Eur 14.800,-), first 10 players gain the right to play at MatchPlay at Mladá Boleslav (July 17th till 20th). 


  1. Příhoda                                               -2
  2. Dijk (NL)                                             -1
  3. Vermei (NL)                                         E
  4. Spalding, Maurits, Kořínek                     +1


 Photo Ota Mrákota

Divácká kulisaAlan BabickýStanislav MatušEMR_0133.JPGMaurits & CoEMR_0284.JPGKino NavarroMartin PříhodaEMR_0529.JPGEMR_0558.JPGEMR_0658.JPGEMR_0672.JPGAdam RajmontLukáš TintěraMartin PříhodaPálí Tadeáš SedláčekPetr MrůzekRoman Svoboda

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1. KOŘÍNEK6666
T2. LIESER. O6868
T2. WINKLER. F6868
4. TINTĚRA. L7171
T6. ZIEMER. M7373
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Order of Merit

Czech PGA Tour 2018

1. KOŘÍNEK. A30 000
2. LIESER. O12 500
3. WINKLER. F12 500
4. MUTHREICH. M7 000
5. TINTĚRA. L7 000
6. GRUBER. R5 000
7. VELENSKÝ. V5 000
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