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Original Tags of Czech PGA Tour

Original Tags of Czech PGA Tour

There are three different kinds of Czech PGA Tour's bag tags shown on photo (by Alan Babicky). Member tag is intended to be delivered to Tour Members, VIP tag is for the most important business partners of Czech PGA Tour. Other tags are to help with swing members recognition.

General partner


Sokolov Trophy by CzechOne

1. LIESER. O6570135
T2. KOŘÍNEK6970139
T2. MRŮZEK. F6970139
4. HOLOUBEK. T6971140
T5. TINTĚRA. L7172143
T5. SEDLÁČEK7271143
T7. Vantuch. M7371144
Sokolov Trophy by CzechOne Results

Order of Merit

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Tour 2017
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