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Navarro Dominates at Mstetice

Navarro Dominates at Mstetice

Mstětice CUP - 6th golf tournament of the series Czech PGA Tour won Spanish Joaquín (Kino) Navarro.

Yesterday played excellent golf but today he beat all other competitor - Kunětické Hora's Kino Navarro. The overall result attained by Kino was -7and the difference between him and T2 Mrůzek and Novy was 3 strokes. Kino afterwards said: "For me, the most important moment for the seventh, 8th and 9th hole, when I scored three bogeys in a row. It was not easy to fight the skepticism and maintain concentration. I succeeded and on 11th and 12th holes I recorded two birdies and once I felt high. Next , I added two more birdies thanks to my iron shots. There came another two birdies in a row and the rest was easy - just keep waiting for the end. Today I did not play as well as yesterday but it was good enough. Filip Mrůzek after a great performance in the first two days certainly believed in a better outcome, but he started with  two double - bogeys on the first and third hole. He commented as follows: "I do not want to make excuses but it was very hard to keep my concentration after 14 days of playing golf. Drive on the first hole I put somewhere perhaps across the road (ie out of bounds) and on hole Nr. three I got the first shot in about a three - centrimetres out again.

The proximity of Prague apparently affected the number of spectators.The total prize-money of the tournament  reached CZK 400 thousand (Eur 14,800). Total enrollment was 69 players from 11 countries.

The next tournament is held from 28th to 31 August at Nothern Bohemian Ypsilonka (

Kino DrivingDaanyal Spalding Wait on Tee Nr. 11Online ScoringŠideri VáňováFilip MrůzekNový, Navarro, Mrůzek, p. Kuracina (Mstětice) p. Krenk (ředitel turnaje)

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