Manager of Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice Interviewed

Manager of Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice Interviewed

In late June, the series Czech PGA Tour stops in North Moravia - Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice (more at  On this occasion, we interviewed the resort manager Mr. Daniel Kollar.

Q.: What changes here at Ostravice are prepared for golf players?

We bought a new equipment during the winter. We can handle greens better than before, even including the speed range might be changed easily according to our customers' demands. Most of them want the maximum speed of the greens from 9.5 to 10.5, but we could also arrange the speed 13, and that's because we are cutting during the season at a highness of 3.4 mm and the rest is the fine-tuning rolling. Our greens are well shaped, the organizers usually they do not want players to have further complications with excessive acceleration. Even so, every day we cut greens with small single hand mower - two workers work only on this...

We have improved traceability of balls with moving hard roughs our of normal trace of play. Another measures we have taken with water hazards. The result of these adjustments is that nine holes today are played on average within two hours and ten minutes, while  last year, the average was two hours and 30 minutes.

Quality of our services has risen sharply and the players appreciate our cooking. And they do not even know that kitchen  is now over two floors and its improvement cost more than CZK 5 million. There are  17 pros working in kitchen headed by former Head of the Hotel Imperial Ostrava. Even our hotel has seen some improvements, number of rooms increased to 30. We are very pleased that the interest for playing here is still rising. Players from more distant parts of the country come for 3-4 days with a sleepover, they play more times our course and also the Old Course of Celadna nearby.

What we are most proud of is the award certificate from German Association of Golf Courses. In the Czech Republic it has been only Čeladná a Františkovy lázně with 5 stars!


Another questions just briefly:

Q.: Who holds the course record , and how much is it?

Record holder is Pavel Korda with 70 from white tees

Q.: Who designed the Course?

The Course at Ostravice is designed by Mr. Christopher Johnson of UK

Q.: Which is the hardest hole on the course ?

I suppose is is hole Nr. 5 with HCP 1, PAR 5, length 501 m of white tees. According to the players the nightmare is Nr. 156, PAR 4, strong uphill fairway

Thanks for an interview

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