Lieser Won at Ypsilonka Again

Lieser Won at Ypsilonka Again

Sunny but extremely windy weather faced participants of today's qualification tournament for EXTEC Pro Golf Tour by Atomic Drinks. At the end "almost local" Ondřej Lieser won scoring -3.

Later Ondrej commented: "The most important for me were good tee-shots. That was why I could play short irons to greens and create chances for scoring. I played well all pars 3, even though No 13 - 201 m against hurricane was a challenge. At hole No 7 (par 4) I drove directly to green and on hole No 14 (par 5) I drove across the forest which allowed me to approach the flag with my iron 52. With one putt I attained eagle which is nice everytime it happens. The only bogey came at 17th hole with a total change of wind direction within 3 seconds. There is severe weather forecast for ProGolfTour event which is good for me. I expect, winner will have -10 but I have no idea what will be enough for making cut." Ondrej adds.

There were play-off for 2nd - 4th position because of scheme of rewards - there were additional Pro Golf Tour cards distributed. That was why three players had to play No 18 again (... and again and again...) Finally David Benák hit the forest at the left side which meant 4th place for him. After 4 holes Jiří Štryncl showed stronger motivation and gained his birdie and he beated Lukáš Tintěra scoring only par.

First 8 players of qualifyer gained free card for upcoming EXTED Pro Golf Tour by Atomic Drinks event held at Ypsilon GC ( since Friday May 10th with prize-money eur 30.000,- There were also 8 cards for Karlovy Vary / Sokolov event (August 21. - 25.) distributed.


Lukáš TintěraLukáš KounovskýRoman Šebrle na čtyřce v bunkeruTadeáš SedláčekMarek SiakalaVladimír VelenskýhausboatyAdam BalatkaDavid Benák v rozstřeluJiří ŠtrynclReferee Forbyosm karet pro EXTEC PGTvítěz Ondřej Lieser

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1. KOŘÍNEK6666
T2. LIESER. O6868
T2. WINKLER. F6868
4. TINTĚRA. L7171
T6. ZIEMER. M7373
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Order of Merit

Czech PGA Tour 2018

1. KOŘÍNEK. A30 000
2. LIESER. O12 500
3. WINKLER. F12 500
4. MUTHREICH. M7 000
5. TINTĚRA. L7 000
6. GRUBER. R5 000
7. VELENSKÝ. V5 000
Tour 2018
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