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Filip Mrůzek Wins in Ropice

Filip Mrůzek Wins in Ropice

With an excellent score -5 Filip Mrůzek gained the victory at Ropice Golf Trophy 2015 held in Ropice, North Moravia. He decided the whole tournament with the serie eagle - birdie - birdie played at holes 14 to 16.

The second day of Ropice Golf Trophy 2015 was held today at Ropice as a 7th tournament of Czech PGA Tour 2015. Czech as well as foreign players played at perfectly ready golf course. The only complication was hot weather, promoter even provided cold towels to players.

Overall winner Filip Mrůzek commented his game: „First nine I started slowly, I was only -1 after it. There came bogey at 10th hole, it was dissapointing. But since hole 11 the story changed. Serie 14 to 16 was unbelieveable. Eagle - birdie - birdie. Wow! Then tough par at 17 and safe 18. Great day!!"

T2 were two players - Ondřej Lieser and yesterday's leader Petr Gál jun. The best foreign player was British Chris Guy (T4)

Prize money fund reached Eur 11.000,-


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1. LIESER. O91 800
2. WALZ. M68 800
3. ROBINSON. L34 125
4. MRŮZEK. F30 625
5. TRAPPEL. M30 000
6. DOBSON. H27 200
7. KOŘÍNEK. A27 200
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