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EULED CLASSIC - Record of the Course Attacked

EULED CLASSIC - Record of the Course Attacked

The third tournament of the series Czech PGA Tour culminatedwith today's final at Kunětická Hora. His famous ride by the East Bohemian golf resort concluded Dutchman Sven Maurits, which today remained one shot from the course record. The overall result is -15 and he left others far behind. To the game, Flying Dutchman said: "I played well the first day. The other day, on the contrary, was more fight with myself. But today i attained everything I wanted to. I did not know, I attacked the course record, but my game would probably not change even if I was informed about it. My "Stroke of the day"? Probably the drive on 18 - far enough and on fairway - later I had easy stroke to hit the green and to attempt to put for birdie - and this is what I did....I am looking forward to the end of June for Ostravice tournament and other tournaments of Czech PGA Tour".

Second place is held by Craig Farrelly of UK. His comments was a bit surprising: "I had my back injured after Skalica tournament. I solved it with my my physiotherapist, we discussed whether I can play this tournament.Finally, I received tapes and two days before the start of the game, I sat in the Netherlands in the car and drove to Kunětická Hora. It was a bit lottery, but my back works and three rounds I played without problems. I am happy with result".

T3 position is held by three golfers - Dutchman de Haas, Martin Příhoda and Stanislav Matuš, both from Czech Republic. Martin Prihoda putted the final hole to be alone at third place but missed the hole and afterwards he hit his bag.

Roman Šebrle did not play so nicely as the days before. On the sixth hole he missed 2-feet putt and this spoiled his  psychological well-being. The following par five, where Roman in the past few days was trying to score, drove onto rough and then lost 4 stokes to get to green (8).This failure, he then constantly reminded, influenced also the other holes including relatively playable situations. But it is about gaining experience, 23rd overall place is definitely not a disappointment.

Tomorrow PRO- AM tournament is held.


Total prize money of EULED CLASSIC tournament was 400000, - CZK .The next tournament will be held from June 28 at  Ostravice.

Photo: Ota Mrákota

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