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EULED CLASSIC Kunětická Hora - day 2.

EULED CLASSIC Kunětická Hora - day 2.

The third tournament of the series Czech PGA Tour continued with the second day at Kunětická Hora. The leader of the leaderboard is newly Dutchman Sven Maurits with score -6 followed by Martin Příhoda and Craig Farrelly with a score of -5 after two days.

"Jumper of the day" is the winner of Kaskáda Tournament Lukáš Tintěra, today 10 shots better than yesterday and at the leaderboard at T4 position. Lukáš commented his today's efforts: "Yesterday I made some putting practise and futhermore went to movies... Nevertheless putts worked well today - from a distance of 2-5 meters were reliable". Scoring at 2nd hole, Lukas had on his mind an idea - birdies never come alone....and yes - three times he scored at a row of 2 birdies.

A decent standard today played Roman Šebrle (75, ie+3), the first time the Tour passed through the cut, and even the budding divided 21stplace.

Tomorrow - Finals for 40 best players will be held.

The total prize money amounts 400.000,- CZK .

The other tournament held at Kunětická Hora GC today is EULED Senior Tour. The organizers used a great playground and ready infrastructure to the maximum extent. So far, the model shows very good work.

Photo: Lukáš Tintěra

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1. LIESER. O6570135
T2. KOŘÍNEK6970139
T2. MRŮZEK. F6970139
4. HOLOUBEK. T6971140
T5. SEDLÁČEK7271143
T5. TINTĚRA. L7172143
T7. NIČ. P7272144
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