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Czech PGA Tour 2014, Presented at the General Meeting of PGA CZ

Czech PGA Tour 2014, Presented at the General Meeting of PGA CZ

On Saturday, February 1st, General Meeting of Czech PGA is to be held in Prague.

The meeting's goal is the election of new leaders of PGAC and of course the conflict of candidates will get the biggest attention of participants. Interest of professional golfers will be focused, however, on the presentation of Česká 1 (or Czech One in English) which, for 2014 - 2016, will be a promoter of Czech PGA Tour. Czech One is a company that has entered into negotiations with the Czech PGA by early 2013. It presented its idea of ​​the organization of the series and furthermore very quickly reached agreement with the management of Czech PGA on cooperation in organizing this prestigious series. 

Within the Annual General Meeting timetable for the year 2014 (10 tournaments) will be presented as well as playing format of each tournament and an overview of the main changes for players to which they should prepare ahead of this year. Players can count on prize-money for each tournament amounting at least CZK 500.000 (Eur 18.500)  but they have to accept the fact that money are to be shared only by those who make the cut after two days and advance to the final day.

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EXTEC Pro Golf Tour by Czech One

1. PARKER. B686770205
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Order of Merit

Czech PGA Tour 2017

1. LIESER. O91 800
2. WALZ. M68 800
3. ROBINSON. L34 125
4. MRŮZEK. F30 625
5. TRAPPEL. M30 000
6. KOŘÍNEK. A27 200
7. DOBSON. H27 200
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