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Austria - Third Country of Czech PGA Tour 2014

Austria - Third Country of Czech PGA Tour 2014

Tournament No. 8 will be held in the third country of Czech PGA Tour 2014 - Austria. The program at beautiful Haugschlag Resort ( will start with PRO-AM on Monday, Sept. 22th, the other two days the Tournament Haugschlag OPEN will be held with prize-money amounting CZK 400 thous (Eur 14.800).

There is one special gift from the promoter: special ranking will be made out of last two tournaments (Haugschlag OPEN & Grand Finale Kaskada) and first 3 players will get a wild card (right to play) at two tournaments held in January in Spain (co-promoted by Gecko Pro Golf Tour and Czech PGA Tour)


Photo: Ota Mrákota



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1. LIESER. O6570135
T2. KOŘÍNEK6970139
T2. MRŮZEK. F6970139
4. HOLOUBEK. T6971140
T5. SEDLÁČEK7271143
T5. TINTĚRA. L7172143
T7. NIČ. P7272144
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