Czech PGA in 2014 ? Xxxx7806xxxxx Written for ForGolf

Czech PGA in 2014 ? Xxxx7806xxxxx Written for ForGolfOne Step Beyond

Domestic highest professional series with the best years came to a point where there was nowhere to climb, and began to set the slow but steady fall further supported by the difficult economic situation , not only in golf.The change will now attempt Czech One company that takes over the reins of the entire series .A has ambitious plans .

The very first tournament on Kunětické Mountain was saved at the last minute , which the other two events could not .The whole season so shrunk to only six tournaments , of which two were held in addition to Slovak .In the Czech environment so players look only to the above-mentioned Kunětickou mountain, Beroun and Karlovy Vary and the finals took place as usual on the cascade.Not only that but the reasons that forced the stakeholders to think about change.However grew up in a living organism , and to continue to develop , it needs to constantly nourish .It is time to move on , and it requires the involvement of more people , Thus began during the year to deal with people from the newly established Czech company One.And with its plans to change the president went to Czech PGA Nitrou Peter : He agreed , because if we did not do that step , so those eight years , we've built everything , it was just a cry in the dark.We always have to find a solution , because we are a professional organization and trust us more and more people.It just biased or ignorant watchers have in their ovens at us different opinions , but that you can live with , Once started it in early .The impending change in the backstage talk already during the initial tournament series on Kunětické Mountain , which today also confirmed Radovan gatekeepers of the media agency Parliamo that Czech society One represents.She then talks about whether the entire series has not grasped another , maybe a little happier way, It also indicates who is responsible for the entire event is : \In April an agreement was signed which gave English One to six months to prepare all things .In November, the two sides finally agreed .The six people week after week on one day was missing and consulted all the possibilities , as each team golf has some experience .However, this project is a little larger extent than when someone else controls the pitch or just doing some business, With some partners already signed an agreement with the other at the conclusion of finishing .Other then presumably they will wait for it to premiere edition series of home professionals under the guidance of new people turn out.And according to decide whether to cooperation in the following season will go or not.Some events are historically well prepared , so there is no reason to dig and do things your way.We want to take advantage of the onsite ready partner that knows what to do and how to do it, and do not like it , All will be , according to him only a matter of mutual agreement: But if the spot someone who has to pitch a region closer than we are, it is logical that the event is prepared similarly equipped better than we do from Liberec and Prague.Looking at the map , it is clear that account primarily come tournament in Austria and Hungary, but also possibly in Germany or Poland.The actual tournament will probably four playing days .The first is the traditional pro- am , followed by a three-wheel tournament with the cut after the second round .Counts with the participation of about a hundred players in each tournament , with the final round them looks about forty.Use it when the course is ready for the ultimate home event professionals , With that in part also agrees Karel Skopový The need would be to also go in the opposite direction , up.Contact must be with a Challenge Tour tournament .Thus it becomes , regardless of goodwill Czech Golf Federation , independent, interesting and very appealing product .Product through which we can raise our talented players .It could be eleven or twelve , but those ten are now much real .The hike should be secure and certainly there should be no interference tournaments at the last minute .This amount , which is always at least try to get , but rather increase it .Individual tournaments would be giving players the opportunity to get financially well , \Last year ended as it turned out , for certain reasons over which is not for us to speculate .Players are professionals who offer a clearly defined conditions .On the one hand, the prize money, on the other hand, entry fees and other costs.And everyone must count himself if he pays to compete in the tournament or not.Overall, this is a series , which would each have a pro Czech flavor demonstrate and prove what he can do.Show that it is better than the other .Even with the partners will be important to break certain lack of interest of golf fans that in recent years, Czech PGA Tour struggles .And who in the past year almost peaked when the players walked down the field almost always alone.We need to help the public find their way directly to the individual tournament.In order went out to see how the pros play and how to get out of some tricky situations .Audience ratings directly on the site is inadequate and we want to improve it, The main goal of the team will ensure the popularization of the series and its larger audience , both on site and subsequently in television and other media.This should be helped as invitations for quality foreign players and the participation of the best Czech amateur tournament that would even more attractive .If we go through even some other players , it is now open, \The way we look to them as hiking through media partners and through local partners who can help us take mimogolfové viewers who need to now did not even know that they held a similar event .That golf fans after all the Czech PGA Tour to find the way : But see no reason why they should be the cascade could reach a greater extent people from Brno.Or why people arrive Beroun field of Beroun.We believe that the interest will be .“.

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1. KOŘÍNEK6666
T2. LIESER. O6868
T2. WINKLER. F6868
4. TINTĚRA. L7171
T6. ZIEMER. M7373
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Order of Merit

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1. KOŘÍNEK. A30 000
2. LIESER. O12 500
3. WINKLER. F12 500
4. TINTĚRA. L7 000
5. MUTHREICH. M7 000
6. GRUBER. R5 000
7. VELENSKÝ. V5 000
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