Sedláček Wins at Play-Off
Ypsilon Kenox CUP by Martin Kabát
Ypsilon Kenox Cup zatím vede Tadeáš Sedláček

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25.09.2016 - CzechOne Tour's Finals: Prague Golf Masters for Eur 37.000,-
The final tournament of 2016 CzechOne Tour will be held at Prague City Golf - Zbraslav venue Oct. 18. - 21. The prize-moeny fund will reach Eur 37.000,- (One million Czech Crowns) and will be...
10.08.2016 - Sedláček Wins at Play-Off
The exciting round showed ex-local Ondrej Lieser - he even attained the play-off at Ypsilon Kenox by CzechOne tournament held at Ypsilonka GC. But Tadeáš Sedláček was luckier in and he won...
10.08.2016 - Ypsilon Kenox Cup - DELAYED START
Due to weather conditions the start of the tournament is delayed to 30 minutes...
26.07.2016 - TEAM PRO MATCHPLAY: Velensky & Simek Won
Monday July 25th faced the beginning of MatchPlay of Twins Tournament - with 9 holes of fourball and then foursome. In the match for 3rd place Vantuch & Janošík were luckier. 1st place...
26.07.2016 - Jamkovka dvojic na Ypsilonce zahájena
CzechOne, promoting company, continues with the trend of diversifying its tournaments. On Monday, July 25th, MatchPlay of Twins was launched. Hot day faced 18 PRO as well as amateur...

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Ypsilon KENOX Cup by Czech One

1. SEDLÁČEK7072142
2. LIESER. O7468142
3. MRŮZEK. F7766143
T4. KOŘÍNEK7570145
T4. ZIELINSKI7174145
T6. Dostál. V7373146
T6. VÁŇOVÁ7373146
Ypsilon KENOX Cup by Czech One Results

Order of Merit

Czech PGA Tour 2016

1. MRŮZEK. F129 891
2. LIESER. O125 745
3. AJSTER. S93 238
4. SEDLÁČEK. T86 807
5. SIAKALA. M70 000
6. KOŘÍNEK. A66 827
7. PROCHÁZKA. A63 900
Tour 2016
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