Lieser Scored the Record of Prague City Golf Venue - 63!
Lieser nedal nikomu šanci a v PGM2016 jasně zvítězil
PGM 2016 Ondřej Lieser at the Top Position after Day 1

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20.10.2016 - Lieser Scored the Record of Prague City Golf Venue - 63!
First after the Day 1, First BY FAR even after Day 2 - Ondřej Lieser scored -9 today. The record so far was -7 from white tees. After this marvelous performance Lieser said: _Today it was...
19.10.2016 - PGM 2016 Ondřej Lieser at the Top Position after Day 1
Changing but pleasant weathher faced 80 participants of one-million-crown tournament held under the name Prague Golf Masters 2016 at Prague City Golf Venue. The best performance showed...
19.10.2016 - PRO-AM Event of Prague Golf Masters by Zdeněk Sluka
PRO-AM event launched the schedule or Prague Golf Masters 2016 - CzechOne Tour Championship. For the second time amateur players could play against their handicap, even though the PRO-AM was...
25.09.2016 - CzechOne Tour's Finals: Prague Golf Masters for Eur 37.000,-
The final tournament of 2016 CzechOne Tour will be held at Prague City Golf - Zbraslav venue Oct. 18. - 21. The prize-moeny fund will reach Eur 37.000,- (One million Czech Crowns) and will be...
10.08.2016 - Sedláček Wins at Play-Off
The exciting round showed ex-local Ondrej Lieser - he even attained the play-off at Ypsilon Kenox by CzechOne tournament held at Ypsilonka GC. But Tadeáš Sedláček was luckier in and he won...

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1. LIESER. O686371202
2. ROBB. C717367211
T3. GÁL. P716973213
T3. CAFOUREK. J697371213
T5. PHILIPS. R747070214
T5. Laier. M727072214
7. STEINER. J727075217

Order of Merit

Czech PGA Tour 2016

1. LIESER. O325 745
2. MRŮZEK. F146 891
3. ROBB. C120 000
4. GÁL. P106 525
5. SEDLÁČEK. T103 807
6. AJSTER. S102 154
7. KOŘÍNEK. A92 327
Tour 2016
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