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Race to Irish Challenge Starts at Slavkov / Austerlitz

Race to Irish Challenge Starts at Slavkov / Austerlitz

CzechOne, promoting company of CzechOne Tour & Czech PGA Tour proudly announces


Road to Irish Challenge


Three tournaments - RENOCAR Czech PGA Tour Austerlitz & Golf Magazine Trophy (venue Austerlitz – Slavkov, Southern Moravia, Czech Republic) held May 15th - 17th (prize-money Eur 14.800) and

Pannonia Open held at Pannonia, Hungary June 22nd - 25th (prize-money Eur 15.000) and

Ropice Open held at Ropice, Norther Moravia July 15th - 17th

will create minichart called Road to Irish Challenge and two best players will gain the card for

Northern Ireland Open in Partnership with Ulster Bank (of Challenge Tour)

Held July 28th – 31th

More info and Registration for Austerlitz tournament:


Note: Last year those cards gained Marcos Pastor of Spain and Czech Stanislav Matuš. Mr. Matuš made the cut!

Photo: Zdeněk Sluka

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Sokolov Trophy by CzechOne

1. LIESER. O6570135
T2. KOŘÍNEK6970139
T2. MRŮZEK. F6970139
4. HOLOUBEK. T6971140
T5. SEDLÁČEK7271143
T5. TINTĚRA. L7172143
T7. NIČ. P7272144
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