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Prague Golf Team's Season Starts in Egypt

Prague Golf Teams Season Starts in Egypt

After physical part of preparation for 2016 season Prague Golf Team announced the start of a new season today. PGT's players left to Egypt to practise there and to take part in the beginning or ProGolfTour 2016 held by German PGA.

Members of Prague Golf Team Filip Mrůzek, Stanislav Matuš and Marek Nový will participate in both Egyptian tournaments, Roman Šebrle will play only the first one. The whole team will use the venue of Sokna GC for "fine tuning" for 2016 season.

Players are accompanied by Mr. Petr Mrůzek as a head coach a Mr. Alan Babicky, sport director & manager of a team.

Prague Golf Team is Czech PRO golf team with excellent conditions for golf development. The key factor is unique financial & marketing strategy. The boss is Mr. Michal Krejčí, experienced businessman with excellent CV.

Photo: Sokhna GC

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